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I find creative solutions to non-linear problems. I design spaces, interactions, products, visuals, and experiences from start to finish and prioritize an equal emphasis on cognitive abilities and technical skill.

I love design of all kinds.

Constantly searching to experience different cultures, demographics and perspectives to incorporate into my work.

A strong emphasis on the initial research and ethnographic phase of my design process is the motivating factor behind my drive to shape a more livable and humanitarian world!

Shoot me an email to discuss projects, collaborations, political climate, or kick it old school

Other notable hobbies include: 

Running excessive distances that I am not physiologically prepared for.

Subsiding on vegetables and candy, exclusively.

Documenting so-bad-it's-good, post red-eye, seriously low-maintenance airport fashion through photo series. (Oh, there's more).

Buying one-ways plane tickets.

Commercial salmon fishing.

LinkedIn official "FUN" endorsed.